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Presented by Oakmont of Escondido Hills, Senior Living Community

Ryan Test, Executive Director at Oakmont of Escondido Hills Senior Living Community, is aware that finding the right community for an individual or loved one to call home isn’t an easy task. How does one determine what makes an assisted living community great, and how does a person know if they are choosing the best community?

What makes an assisted living community great is the people, hands down, without a doubt,” said Test. “I have a saying: you can come in and buy bells and whistles and shiny chandeliers, but at the end of the day when the lights go out, what is important are the people. They are the individuals here every day taking care of your loved one or yourself.

Oakmont of Escondido Hills is beautiful,” continued Test, “but this experience is really about the people. My hiring philosophy is simple, I can teach people to be great care managers, but I can’t teach people to care. Anytime we hire new employees, we look for genuine people who have a good heart and a true passion and love for seniors. We want people who want to help others. Maybe they’ve been a caregiver for years and maybe not, but we can teach them the skills needed to be an outstanding caregiver, but we can’t give someone a heart.

Hire for passion and heart, continually train for skills and knowledge.

Test advised the following when searching for the best assisted living community for you or a loved one to call home:

  1. Trust your gut! Does the community have a good Vibe/energy? Are residents, staff, and family members laughing, smiling, and genuinely happy?

  2. When someone comes in to find out about the assisted living community, the first person they speak with is usually the Marketing Director. “Marketing Directors are a great wealth of information and can assist you on many levels.” explained Test. “That being said, don’t hesitate to ask if you can speak with a resident or chat with a member of the staff. If you see anyone in the hallway, don’t be afraid to stop and ask them if they enjoy living/working at the community, how long they’ve been there, the best part of living or working there, etc. I feel confident that a person could ask anyone here at Oakmont and the answer would be positive.”

  3. Ask for references, family members that you could call, written testimonials etc.

  4. Is the appearance of the community clean and well maintained? It is a reflection of their attention to detail.

    For more information about Oakmont of Escondido Hills, located at 3012 Bear Valley Parkway S, call (760) 735-8084 or visit www.oakmontofescondidohills


Oakmont Senior Living is a family owned and operated company founded by William P. Gallaher with currently 18 planned, developed and managed retirement communities in the California. Oakmont strives to create an atmosphere of family and community among staff, residents and resident family members. Their mission is to treat each member in their communities with respect and compassion. Staff is hand-selected for their skills, previous experience, and passion for working with the elderly.